The Gîtes

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The Gîte "L'Ancienne Ferme" / 889

L'Ancienne Ferme is the gîte which is closest to a lake. There, from the break of day the grey heron minds over the trout. You will be surprised by the rhythm of the green frogs' chant.

The Gîte "la Fougeraie" / 893

Le Gîte de la Fougeraie has got its name from the all present bracken surrounding it. You will marvel at the view of the lakes from the rooms, especially so at sunset.

The Gîte "la Ronceraie" / 894

Le Gîte de la Ronceraie has got its name from the Briars, as invasive as they are in the pastures. From its terrace, you have a dominating view over the Domaine and the horizon opens itself to you.

The Gîte "la Genêtraie" / 896

Le Gîte de la Genêtraie has got its name from the Broome which blossoms superbly in Spring. You will be awakened by the rising sun and be able to contemplate the Anglers' Kingdom spread below your eyes.

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