Vosges du Sud


Have a rich and varied heritage which merits discovering.

They are NATURAL

Le Plateau des 1000 étangs

The quaternary glaciers chiseled a topography that men began to develop from the Irish monks of St Columban in the 7th century and especially from the Middle Ages. Fish farming or peat extraction are at the origin of the landscape of the ponds. These ponds welcome aquaculture fauna adapted to cold and acidic waters.
The route of the ponds helps you to discover this exceptional nature which is often called small Finland.
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Etangs des Rivières Pourpres

Verrerie de La Rochère

They are TALENT

La Verrerie Cristallerie de Passavant-la-Rochère

Founded in 1475, La Rochère is the oldest working glass of French art still in operation. The workshop offers a view of the glass workers at work.
The creations are to be discovered in an exhibition-sale shop whose wooden frame dates from 1840.

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They are SENSORY

La Cité Thermale de Luxeuil-les-Bains

The hot springs of Luxeuil-les-Bains are known and exploited since Antiquity. The Romans lent them the virtues of purification, longevity and fecundity.
Today, these waters rich in trace elements are known for their healing properties in phlebology, rheumatology and gynecology. Curists can benefit from it in one of the oldest thermal establishments in France.

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Thermes de Luxeuil les Bains

Ecomusée du Pays de la Cerise

L'Ecomusée du Pays de la Cerise à Fougerolles

The Fougerollais Country has been known since the end of the 16th century for its cherry growing, and for the manufacture of cherry water or kirsch (label AOC).
The Ecomusée presents this know-how, while proposing to discover the traditional life, the ways to live, work, get married or drink in the Fougerolles of old.

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La Colline Notre-Dame du Haut à Ronchamp

A harmonious architectural center, the site of the Notre-Dame du Haut Hill is composed of the Sainte-Claire monastery, the Porterie, the campanile and the Notre-Dame du Haut chapel, built by Le Corbusier and listed as a World Heritage site Unesco.

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Chapelle de Ronchamp

Planche des Belles Filles

They are SPORTS

La Planche des Belles Filles

Now the mythical arrival of the Tour de France, the resort of the Planche des Belles Filles is not only reserved for cycling enthusiasts!
In winter, its skiing area allows Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, snowshoeing, sledding ... And in summer, place for cycling, mountain biking or walking within the exceptional fauna and flora Of the Massif des Vosges.

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